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Package 10

Quality Assurance, Monitoring and Evaluation

This WP aims to design and implement a Quality Assurance system at BIOPOLIS CoE, to monitor and evaluate achievements and impacts through selected indicators, and to monitor and mitigate risks.
10.1. Quality Assurance
A Quality Assurance (QA) system will be implemented in the CoE, which will ensure the efficiency and quality of the work performed by supporting all activities, and defining operation and control procedures. One of the Associate Directors will have the ultimate responsibility of QA, while the Head of the Technical Support Unit (TSU) will have the operational responsibility for designing and implementing the QA system. She/he will mobilise HR from her/his Unit to the QA tasks, which will be developed together with dedicated staff from the other Units, including the RUs. QA activities will involve the training of lab and field technicians, as well as all staff involved in the provision of services. To this end, technicians will regularly visit Montpellier to receive training and to get acquainted with best practices. QA will also involve evaluation of field and lab procedures, to assure that they comply with the highest possible standards, and to applicable regulations and norms. Written protocols to carry out routine activities will be produced and used as standard operating procedures. An internal online system will be produced by IT staff to organise the field and lab activities, including the management of samples.
10.2. Design and Monitoring of Key Performance Indicators
The performance indicators will be used as the starting point to define the Key Performance Indicators of the CoE, and its ability to achieve the impacts. These KPIs will be revised considering the strategic, operational and financial dimensions of the CoE, and they will be monitored regularly and reported each year. The KPI’s will also be considered in the QA system and in the evaluation of the CoE. The monitoring will start at the end of the 2nd year and after the 5th year the KPIs will be adjusted to reflect the sustainability effort of the CoE.
10.3. Risk Monitoring and Evaluation
A Risk Management and Mitigation Plan (RM&MP) will be produced, setting the basis for subsequent monitoring. Procedures will follow the COSO’s Internal Control - Integrated Framework (the COSO Framework). Risk management will be taken as an ongoing process, as risks themselves are dynamic and shift over time, and so their monitoring and mitigation plan has to be dynamic as well. The RM&MP will be implemented from the 2nd year, and evaluated each year to incorporate new risks or update the mitigation plan.
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