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Work Packages

Work Packages01
1 - Project Management and Business Plan Coordination
Jan - Dec
The general goal of this task is to set the management structure and to assure the coordination of project implementation and quality control.
The following specific objectives will be pursued:

- Monitor the project development and budget expenditure.
- Coordinate the interactions among partners, and the communication with the European Commission.
- Supervise the execution, reporting and quality control of WPs.
- Supervise the production of technical and financial reports to the Commission.
This WP corresponds to the overall management of the project, and thus its execution will be essential for its successful implementation. This WP rests on six main tasks, including the management of the budget, the supervision and quality control of WP execution, the supervision of internal communication and the coordination of project meetings, and the organization of an external evaluation.he intermediate, final and evaluation reports); and identification of the project tolerances and contingency plans.
Work Packages02
2 - Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation
Jan - Apr
The general objective of this task is to set the basis for the communication, dissemination and exploitation component of BIOPOLIS, by producing strategies that will be implemented in subsequent phases of the project, and by engaging key stakeholders in the design, creation and implementation of the CoE.
The following objectives will be pursued:

- Create a Knowledge Transfer and Dissemination Office (KDO) to coordinate the implementation of the communication, dissemination and exploitation component of the project, and to disseminate BIOPOLIS throughout the targeted sectors – environment, industry, tourism, agriculture, agri-food industry, academia, and the society at large.
- Define the communication and dissemination plan, the marketing strategy, and the knowledge management system of BIOPOLIS, as well as its Internationalization strategy.
- Identify and establish contacts with main stakeholders, investors and government agencies to be engaged in the board of representatives, to define the vision and objectives of the upgraded CoE.
This WP will be primarily designed by KDO under the supervision of the management structure defined by partners CIBIO; UM and PBS).The CIBIO partner will host the KDO and create and manage the webpages and social networks associated with BIOPOLIS. CIBIO and PBS will define a sustainable marketing and internationalization strategy for the new CoE. UM will assist by sharing their expertise in marketing and science communication. This partner will also advertise the BIOPOLIS in France and within the networks in which it is associated.
Work Packages03
3 - Strengthening the triple helix
Jan - Apr
The general objective of this WP is to strengthen the relationships between research institutions, business corporations and governmental bodies (The Triple Helix), to assure the long-term sustainability of the CoE and the tight links between research, innovation and exploitation.
The following specific objectives will be pursued:

- Prepare the joint engagement of government bodies (national, regional and local) and business corporations in the development of BIOPOLIS, by reinforcing and expanding the network of partnerships already established by CIBIO, UM and PBS;
- Create a Consultation Board to define the vision and objectives, and focus strategic lines to ensure long term sustainability for the CoE and top-quality R&D&I, and to contribute for the development of the Research Program and the Business Plan;
- Establish the basis for a Corporate Affiliate Program associated with BIOPOLIS, by defining the organizational model of the Program, the rules and regulations of stakeholder engagement, and the obligations and privileges of partners.
This WP will develop tasks designed to gather the two research institutions with public and private partners, thereby creating the conditions to prepare a research program and a business plan rooted in the logical framework of the triple helix, to address the needs and expectations of the public and private sector while developing cutting edge research.
Work Packages04
4 - Development of a research program
Jan - Apr
The main goal of this WP is to prepare a Research Program, which will establish the research lines and activities to be developed in BIOPOLIS.
The following specific objectives will be pursued:

- Identify the research needs and expectations of key stakeholders and research partners.
- Define the focus and the main research lines to be adopted.
- Define the main research activities within each priority research line.
- Establish a chronogram of implementation.
The steering committee and the project manager will prepare a detailed research program, outlining the key research lines, the main research activities within each line, and the chronogram of implementation. The Program will be based on a detailed diagnostic of the potential and strengths of CIBIO, UM and PBS, as well as a detailed examination of the needs and expectations of the different public and private stakeholders. The Program will be designed to address the key societal challenges previously identified, and to contribute for the national and regional smart specialization strategies. The development of the Program will be made in close liaison with the Consultation Board. A series of meetings will be organized to choose and make a final decision on the research program focus and vision.
Work Packages05
5 - Strategy for upgrading the human resources, equipment and infra-structures of the CoE
Jan - Apr
The overall goal of this task is to establish strategies for upgrading the capacity of the CoE to implement the Research Program and other activities of BIOPOLIS.
The following specific objectives will be pursued:

- Identify the needs of the CoE in human resources, equipment and infrastructures.
- Prepare a strategy for human resource recruitment, infrastructures upgrade and re-equipment of the CoE.
This WP will involve a detailed analysis of human resources, equipment and infrastructures needed by the CoE to meet the objectives of the project, and the development of a detailed strategy to fulfill such needs. To develop this WP, researchers from both institutions will work in conjunction with the steering committee, involving extensive consultation with all stakeholders.
Work Packages06
6 - Evaluation of financial costs and opportunities
Jan - Apr
The main goal of this task is to estimate the costs of implementing the Research Program and the other activities of BIOPOLIS, and to evaluate the sources of funding and revenues to assure its long-term sustainability.
The following specific objectives will be pursued:

- Estimate the costs and potential revenues associated with the creation and operation of the CoE.
- Develop a fund-raising strategy, to achieve sustainability of the CoE during the 7-years project and beyond.
- Prepare a financial plan to guide the development of the business plan (WP7).
This WP involves the development of four tasks, which together are expected to contribute for achieving its general and specific goals. These tasks focus on the estimation of costs associated with the upgrading of the CoE, the implementation and operation of the CoE, a detailed analysis of potential revenues and other funding opportunities, and the development of a fund-raising strategy. A range of complementary opportunities will be explored, including national and EU research projects, establishment of partnerships with the industry, development of projects with global and regional organizations (e.g., FAO, World Bank), and selling of products and services. In order to fulfill these objectives, it will be crucial the expertise and resources of Porto Business School (PBS).
Work Packages07
7 - Development of a business plan
Jan - Apr
The objective of this WP is to prepare the Business Plan that will guide the creation and implementation of the CoE.
The following specific objectives will be pursued:

- Create a management monitoring model
- Establish a risk management plan
- Set a Knowledge Transfer strategy
- Develop an implementation plan
- Aggregate all phase 1 information into a business plan
This WP intends to develop several tasks related with the creation of performance metrics and risk management plans, as well as an implementation plan for the activities being conducted in the new CoE. Together with the contents created in the previous work packages, it will culminate in a robust Business Plan. Being the Business Plan the key deliverable of this project it will involve not only the three partners CIBIO, UM and PBS, but will also aggregate contributions from all the key stakeholders of their networks, specially those partners with vast business related expertise, as is the case of Agropolis International.
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