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BIOPOLIS-CIBIO researchers in the best scientists ranking published by Research.com


126 researchers from the University of Porto are highlighted in the latest edition of the Research.com rankings, which annually ranks the best and most influential scientists in the world in their respective areas. This list includes 11 BIOPOLIS researchers in four areas: Animal Science and Veterinary, Biology and Biochemistry, Ecology and Evolution and Environmental Sciences (see below).

Research.com is an academic platform that compiles rankings for top conferences, journals, universities and scientists by subjects based on data from the open bibliometric databases, such as Microsoft Academic Graph and Google Scholar. For the ranking of top scientists, the inclusion criteria for scholars to be considered into the ranking are based on their Discipline H-index (D-index), proportion of their contributions made within a given discipline as well as the awards and achievements of a scientist in specific areas.

Animal Science and Veterinary
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